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Cyclone Software

This tool allows to dimension cyclone separators. Based on the effect of rotation and gravity, cyclone separation is a method of separating solid particles from an air or gas stream. Cyclones are the main type of gas-solid separator used in industry because of their ease of construction, low cost and ability to operate at high temperature and pressure.

The Cyclone software calculates the efficiency of a cyclone for a given geometry or determines the geometry of a desired efficiency.

The results of the simulation as well as the dimensions of the cyclone are directly accessible once the calculations are completed. The user has access to the separation efficiency for each particle size indicated in the Cyclone software.

How the software works

Calculation models

The software integrates several models to perform the calculations:

  • Bart
  • Leith and Licht
  • Möthes and Löffler
  • Lorenz
  • Muschelknautz (used by default when the solid concentration > 10 g.m-3)

Combination of several cyclones

In the particular case of a combination of several cyclones, the software offers the possibility to build an arrangement of cyclones in series and/or in parallel.

Validity range of the models

Depending on the known input data, several data can be calculated from two or three of the following five parameters:
  • volume flow rate (from 0.0001 to 1 000 m3.s-1)
  • cyclone diameter (0.01 to 3 m)
  • cut-off diameter (from 0.2 to 20 µm)
  • cyclone efficiency
  • pressure drop (from 10 to 10 000 KPa)



To improve the exploitation of the results, all the results can be exported from the software by using the copy/paste function.

Results validity

You will find more information on the description of the models as well as on the validity of the results by consulting this publication.

Feel free to download the Cyclone 2.0 Software brochure.

Purchasing a license

Cyclone software is only available in English.
It is compatible with all versions of Windows (32 and 64 bits).

The software works with the installation of an executable file, in the presence of a USB protection key.
The license provided is permanent.

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We also offer to design your separator and/or to evaluate its efficiency according to the size of the particles to be separated.

You don’t know the particle size distribution of your particles?
Don’t worry, our partners are equipped with laser granulometers: you provide us with a sample and we will carry out the measurement for you!

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