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aRisTiD Software

The objective of the aRisTiD Software is to help the Engineers and researchers to simulate the species transport calculation through a reactor network.
Considering the recent improvements of tracer methodologies and Computer Fluid Dynamics, the number of possibilities and options has been highly increased to simulate complex flow using compartment model.

This software is able to either compute species transport through an elementary reactor network (built based on CFD results for example), or to reproduce the behaviour of an existing system (tracing experiments).

Two modules are integrated :

  • Signal preprocessing: this module allows to preprocess a data signal. Several signal treatments are available.
  • Species transport in reactor framework: this module allows the user to create an elementary reactor network, to specify which type of species transport to use, to launch the calculation and to post process results.

Preprocessing treatments proposed:

This treatment module allows to extract a portion of a signal.

This treatment allows to apply an oset to a signal in each coordinate.

When a linear deviation is observed on a signal, the Base line treatment can be applied to fix the problem.

Experimental data can provide non constant signal sampling, or different signals with different samplings. The user can apply a re sampling treatment to fix the problem. The software will use linear regressions between two existing points to generate the new signal.

This treatment can be used to compare several signals with each other, but can also be used to calculate a residence time distribution. This software uses the trapezoidal rule to evaluate the area under the curve. The area under the curve of the normalized signal is equal to 1.

This treatment allows to the user to extend an uncompleted signal with an exponential extrapolation.

For safety reasons, radio isotopes used in tracer experiments generally have a reduced half life. Under these conditions, the radioactive decreasing is signicant and can not be neglected.
Knowing the value of the initial concentration, and its radioactive constant, the radio-isotope concentration at a given time can be expressed using the Rutherford and Soddy. The user can use the radioactive decreasing treatment to corrected an input signal.

Species transport in reactor framework:

The software allows to simulate species transport in a reactor framework built from different setups of elementary reactors.

The diagram network model regroups five different types of nodes available in this software (Inlet, outlet, connector nodes, perfect stirred reactor, cascade of perfectly stirred reactor, and plug flow reactor). Connector node can be used to link different nodes, to provide a back mixing on a single reactor, or to distribute a species in several framework branch.

Depending on the type of configuration the user wants to model, two types of species can be used in this software:

  • inert species
  • reactive species (the software uses Arrhenius law model to characterize reactions)

After having defined the species transport model the characteristics of reactive species, the user has to specify the species concentration fields at their entrance in the reactor framework for all listed species. The user also has the possibility to use the software functionalities to automatically generate impulse or step signals. The user can specify multiple injection positions for a species.

The user can select the reactor node at which he wants to display the species concentration fields in post processing.

Post processing the results:

All the generated species concentration fields are listed in a table. The user can activate/deactivate the selected data series displayed in the graph zone, and can also access to a table displaying the selected concentration fields.

Licence purchase

The aRisTiD software is only available in English.
It is compatible with all Windows versions (32 and 64 bits).

The software is protected by an USB dongle you need to connect to the workstation in order to launch the software.

The licence is perpetual, there is no additionnal fees.
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